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How to Understand and Master Emotional Triggers

Managing your emotional triggers is at the core of mental health. A trigger is a stimulus that sparks intense negative emotions like fear, anger, and anxiety.

Some people lash out, others withdraw, and some self-medicate. Acting impulsively on an emotional trigger mostly leads to regret. You grow less proud of yourself and further away from an ever-better you.

If you are like most people, you’ve never had a conscious process for controlling your triggers, so you succeed sometimes and fail many others. You can learn, assess, improve, and teach a conscious process.

The Saber Six Foundation has teamed with Dr. Mark Goulston to give you a process to manage your triggers. We created the 22-day Trigger Mastery Challenge to provide inspiration.

Here’s how it works: Order your bracelet, and then you will receive a training manual and four instructional videos on mastering your triggers. If you’re participating, use the hashtag #triggermastery and share your progress on social media.

When you control your triggers, you control your behavior. When you control your behavior, you become an ever-better you.

Dr. Mark Goulston
Dr. Mark Goulston
trigger mastery bracelet

The Saber Six Foundation’s Trigger Mastery Challenge is to control your triggers for 22 days.

Here’s the Challenge:

  1. Order your bracelet and put it on your wrist.
  2. Whenever you act out on a trigger, put the bracelet on your other wrist and return to Day 1.
  3. You master the challenge after 22 consecutive days of controlling your triggers.

Controlling your Triggers is a 3-step process



Say to yourself that you are triggering and identify the feeling.



Create space between your trigger and your action.



Reframe the situation so your actions are constructive instead of destructive.