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Getting Ever-Better

The Saber Six Foundation helps veterans, families and others turn post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth through development and adventure programs that strengthen Purpose, Belonging, and Wellbeing.

People who are becoming ever-better do not spiral into crisis.

This mission is vital. Since 9/11, over 120,000 veterans reportedly have died by suicide. Overdoses and other deaths of despair push the toll higher. Veterans are not alone, feelings of loneliness and helplessness can lead to suicidal ideation for many.

You can help by joining our mailing list, spreading the word, and donating to support our unit’s veterans and families. We are grateful for you, our supporters.

Over 7,000 American service members were killed in the post-9/11 wars. Over 30,000 have died by suicide — that’s four times higher than combat fatalities. Many others suffer substance abuse, broken relationships, depression, and other challenges.

Understanding the Happiness Curve for Veterans

It’s not uncommon for veterans to point to their time at war as the happiest of their lives. They have a keen sense of purpose and belonging, common dangers, and the belief that the people around them have their backs. At ages 18 – 25, they are also at the top of the happiness curve.

After military service members leave the unit or the service, they often also lose that sense of purpose and belonging. They start to think that “nobody gets me, nobody’s got my back, nobody can help me.” Feeling alone in a crowded room is where the problems begin.

Some find new purpose and belonging — their happiness curve is relatively flat. However, many drift into mid-life crisis and start to really struggle. Others go into free fall and are at high risk for the worst outcomes.

Flattening the curve for The 800 and their families

We want to assist veterans who are struggling to get the support and guidance they need to bounce back stronger. We want to make sure those people who are in free fall get the care they need to lead healthy and happy lives. Our ultimate goal is to see greater support for all of our veterans..

Our heroes were willing to die to protect our freedom and way of life. Their lives are worth living. Help our heroes build dreams to live for.

Who is Saber Six?

Saber Six has a dual meaning. First, it stands for the six paratroopers from Chris Kolenda’s unit (1-91 CAV, 173rd Airborne, [also known as Task Force SABER]) who were killed in action during our 15-month Afghanistan deployment in 2007-8. Saber Six was also Chris’s call sign in Afghanistan. TF SABER became the only unit in the history of the war to have motivated a large insurgent group to stop fighting and switch sides.

Who is Chris Kolenda, Founder of Saber Six Foundation?

Retired Colonel Chris Kolenda left military service but continues to serve the military community in other ways. Today he runs Strategic Leaders Academy, a consulting firm that helps veterans and their family members build meaningful, joyful, and profitable businesses.  In 2007-08, he led 800-paratroopers in eastern Afghanistan. Six of his paratroopers were killed in action, dozens wounded, and every one of the 800 combat veterans have been deeply affected by the war. They all served and sacrificed so Americans could pursue their dreams peacefully and safely. Chris created the Fallen Hero Honor Ride to raise awareness and funds to honor their service. He has also written and been featured in several books about his experiences, including his latest, Leadership The Warriors Art.

Retired Colonel Chris Kolenda in Afghanistan
COL (R) Chris Doneski & COL (R) Chris Kolenda

What happened in Afghanistan?

We fought hard and achieved unprecedented success (see Jake Tapper’s book, The Outpost). Six of our paratroopers were killed in action and dozens wounded. Every one of the unit’s 800 paratroopers has been affected deeply by the war. They served and sacrificed so Americans could pursue their dreams peacefully and safely. This video shares more of their powerful stories.

Mission & Vision

Mission:  The Saber Six Foundation transforms veterans’ mental health through adventure and development programs that strengthen Purpose, Belonging, and Wellbeing.

Vision: The Saber Six Foundation is first and foremost, a home for the 800 TF SABER & 1-91 CAV Afghanistan war veterans and their families. Additionally, the Saber Six Foundation’s programs are for anyone who desires to strengthen Purpose, Belonging and Wellbeing in their lives. Through our six programs, the Saber Six Foundation helps veterans, families, and others turn post-combat stress into post-combat growth by strengthening Purpose, Belonging, and Well-Being.


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