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Virtual Fiddlers Green (TF Saber Veterans)

 Our lowest level entry into our programs for former TF Saber veterans. No barriers, no judgement, just connection to create Belonging. Join other TF Saber veterans for an informal video chat to share good news, express ideas or concerns, recognize our heroes, and remember our fallen. Historically, Fiddler’s Green represents a fabled tavern where the souls of the Cavalry collect and eternally revel in a 1923 poem that most Soldiers in Cav units memorize during Spur Rides, boards, and as a matter of our rich tradition. Members will also learn about the Foundation’s other offerings to aid them along their march to Ever-Better lives. Scheduled between more structured Stable Calls. 

Virtual Stable Calls (TF Saber Veterans and Families)

A more structured monthly virtual meet-up for TF Saber veterans and families to create Purpose, Belonging and Well-Being. We will do a check-in with attendees, share Saber Six Foundation news, and host a professional guest speaker for capacity building to help veterans and families create Ever-Better lives.

Self-Paced 22-Day Trigger Challenge (Open to all members and supporters!)

The Saber Six Foundation has teamed with Dr. Mark Goulston to create a process to help manage your triggers. When you control your triggers, you control your behavior. When you control your behavior, you become an ever-better you.

Self-Paced Ever-Better Program (Open to all members and supporters!)

Our newest and most comprehensive program yet. Designed to assist those who want a self-paced program that will help them to refine their purpose and belonging while focusing on growing Ever-Better. Currently, this program is in its beta phase, to be released very soon to all members and supporters. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter!

In-Person Saber Challenge Adventure Series (TF Saber Veterans and Families)

A periodic in-person gathering open to veterans and families to create Purpose, Belonging and Well-Being while spending time in the great outdoors. The outdoor setting will be in or near US National Parks across the United States to allow for as many attendees as possible. Rich in outdoor activities and adventure like bike riding, hiking, camping, rock climbing, white water rafting, backpacking, skiing, etc. all designed to push attendees slightly out of our normal comfort zones. Each event is different, so stay tuned!

In-Person TF Saber Annual Reunion (TF Saber Veterans, Families AND Supporters!)

Held once a year on Veterans Day in supportive communities in various parts of the country to allow for many attendees. A celebration of Veterans and their great devotion and sacrifices to our country.  Events over the weekend will vary, but always promise to be loads of fun to foster a strong sense of Purpose, Belonging and Well-Being. We hope to see you this Veteran’s Day! Stay tuned for more info by signing up for our newsletter.